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pseudoglobe's Journal

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A Shakespeare roleplaying game. If you're interested in joining, email one of the moderators and let us know what character you want to play, so that we can work it into the fanon. We'll also give you a simple application form.


1. All Shakespearean characters are welcome (and characters who are mentioned in the plays, though they may not actually be present; e.g. Coeur-de-Lion). If too many English kings want to be in the game, or something of the sort, we're going to twist canon. Not everybody can be a king of the same country. Sorry.

2. Please attempt to write your character in as detailed a form as possible; rather than a simple or bland analysis, more personal interaction with other characters is wanted. Fanon eccentricities, if they do not stray too far from the text, are most welcome.

3. No character deaths are allowed, nor is anything that would force a character to leave the game.

4. If you use the thou form, please use it correctly. It's not difficult.

5. If a journal entry may not be seen by certain characters, please note which characters can't see it at the bottom of the entry. If there is no such note, it is assumed any character that likes may read the entry. They are then free to comment on it with their own journals and alter their actions according to what they have learned from it. If no one may read it, write "Private".

6. Letters to other characters, public announcements, notes, and anything that is written specifically for other characters to view should be posted in this community. The above rule applies here too, but remember in the interest of interaction that the more people that can see it the better - unless it has something particularly secretive in it.

7. Everything posted in character journals or in the Pseudoglobe community must be in character. If you wish to interact with the other members of the game out of character, or discuss plot points or storylines, please use the Globe_OOC community.

8. Only character journals may be members of Pseudoglobe, though anyone is welcome to join Globe_OOC to ask us questions or give their input.

9. Try not to use modern slang.

10. As journals are intended to be the diaries of the respective characters, they should be written in the first person and in the format of a diary entry.


Iago and King John, aka Ethan
Claudius and Faulconbridge, aka Lain
Richard III, aka Oscar

Dramatis Personae

Lady Anne, reluctant future Queen of England
Beatrice, witty gentlewoman of Messina
Cassio, florentine dandy
Claudius, King of Denmark
Faulconbridge, smartarse knight of England
Guildenstern, absurdist courtier of Elsinore
Hamlet, mad prince of Denmark
Helena, masochistic lady of Athens
Hermia, vertically challenged lady of Athens
Horatio, scholar of Elsinore
Iago, knave of Cyprus
John Plantagenet, King of England
Ophelia, dallying puppet of Elsinore
Richard Plantagenet Gloucester, future King of England
Rosencrantz, slightly sillier absurdist courtier of Elsinore
Viola or Cesario, shipwrecked twin no. 1