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Mon, May. 2nd, 2005, 08:28 pm
ex_willow_ca946: To his most soveriegn majesty, King Claudius of Denmark

My Lord,
My name is Cesario. A few days ago the ship carrying myself and, alas, many others who are now no more, was taken in a most terrible storm near the shores of your kingdom. The ship was dashed against the rocks, and sank. I am one of the few survivors, most of the crew and travellers perished. Happily another ship passed soon after our noble vessel sank, and the brave Captain of this second ship saved us from a certain death in the sea. I do most humbly request an audience with your Majesty, for I fear I have no where else to turn. I am utterly alone in this world and must throw myself upon your mercy. Most gracious thanks and blessings from
Your most humble servant,

Mon, Apr. 11th, 2005, 12:43 pm
tragic_scholar: (no subject)

My lord Hamlet,

I have found all there is in your library regarding ghosts; the tales conflict, and I can't tell which are truthful. I don't think there's anything further I can find there, but I can tell you all that the books agree upon.

Sweet Hamlet, please, I think that as he has delivered his request and you have sworn to undertake it, your father's spirit may not rise again. If he should, I am certain Marcellus and Bernardo will wake us. We are not needed on the battlements every night; your father walked three nights before you came, and if he wishes again to speak to you, I am sure you will not miss him. My lord, you are hardly sleeping. I am idle here, I have no duties nor any place in court, and so I need not be alert for the day - but please, I beseech you, when men find themselves deprived of sleep, it is often they fall prey to illness or to some flaw in their judgement (judgement which you need most of all, now). You are becoming less active, Hamlet, I think we should leave our watch to the guards, who did first see the ghost.

Please, I pray you, rest a while.

Yours, in trust,


Seen only by Hamlet

Sun, Mar. 27th, 2005, 11:02 am
lacklandjohn: (no subject)


We need your support; your coin and men for this war.

Richard, will you rally Gloster's armies to England's cause? A bitter noble should not force his men from England's side, don't you agree? Thou art more than deserving of his men, they will follow thee readily. Should he object to this, thou mayst take what thou likest of his land, as well.

King John.

Thu, Mar. 24th, 2005, 04:05 pm
ladyannewarrick: (no subject)

Dearest Richard,

I have thought upon the conversation we had last night. I could not, for the very life of me, think of why you must leave so soon after our marriage. You slayed for me, would almost kill yourself for me, and now you begin preparing to leave? Mean I so little to you, my lord? I spit upon thee, but that was in my rage. What could I do, standing over the body of my Edward's father? Was it all for my beauty that this blood was shed?

I am beginning to doubt.

Thu, Mar. 24th, 2005, 03:19 pm
nutshell_prince: (no subject)


Why didst thou run from me yesternight? I checked myself afterward in the mirror but could find no mark, no hair, no cuff out of place. And I was wearing my favourite jacket; the jacket thou likest. Surely you would not flee me in such a fine garment.

Did I appear intimidating? Were my movements sudden? Did they startle thee like a bird? I cannot think of any reason else; I am sorry. But then, thou hast become more flighty in recent weeks; I see the hem of thy dress trailing out of sight around every corner. Must I tie a string to your ankle, or put nets over the courtyards, to keep thee close?

The next time I see thee, I will take up the chase. My presence will be swift and unannounced; be sure to put up a good flight for me!